Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la violence familiale et la violence faite aux femmes


With this program, we aim to acquire a global, interdisciplinary and multidimensional comprehension of violence. It will also allow knowledge integration on victimised women, children exposed to domestic violence and men with violent behaviours, knowledge that is most often fragmented and mostly developed without establishing the links between all aspects. The program is constituted on a three complementary axes basis:

AXIS 1: Violence Comprehension and analysis  

  • Links between norms, social roles and violence

AXIS 2: Analysis of vulnerability and protection factors linked to violence in simultaneous presence of different social problematics

  • Women living in a violence vulnerability context
  • Infant, children and adolescents exposed to violence and co-occurrence of violence against women and child maltreatment
  • Links between violence and other social problematic phenomenon and between different contexts of violence

AXIS 3: Efficiency and results of preventive, psychosocial and judicial interventions on violence against women issues

  • Related factors to efficient preventive and psychosocial interventions
  • Penal and civil justice system’s intervention modalities in violence situations