Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la violence familiale et la violence faite aux femmes

Julia Krane

McGill University

School of Social Work
3506, rue Université
Montréal (Québec)

C.P. H3A2A7
T (514) 398-7063
C julia.krane@mcgill.ca

Champs d’intérêts

  • Violence against women in intimate relations
  • Child protection in general and child sexual abuse in particular
  • Reproduction of mother-blame and responsibility in the context of child sexual abuse investigations and interventions
  • Examinations of feminist practice principles in everyday shelter practice
  • Analyses of the social construction and reproduction of mothering in refuges for abused women
  • Feminism and intersectionality
  • Effects of social work practices with vulnerable women and their children that emerge when the multiple facets of women’s identities, especially in relation to mothering